I am a tinkerer, and I declare myself an expert on nothing. Any descriptions, methods and opinions documented on these pages are not the best, the only, or the correct way to do anything. You pay attention to anything on this site at your own risk.
I am not responsible for you; you are!
'Give a bloke a shed and some tools and he can make anything'

Most people think the shed is where we blokes go to work. Well, that's a bit wrong!
Our shed is where we play; it's the last male bastion.

Our shed is our toy cupboard, our fortress of solitude, our blank canvas, our kitchen, our haven, our hideaway, our play pen, our man cave, our castle, our private club, our cubby hole, our sanctuary, our happy place, our refuge from the outside world and the opposite sex.

Our shed is where we meditate, cogitate and solve the world's problems as we repair, renovate and create.
In today's world, if you want something different, you have to build it yourself
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