These make a fitting centre piece in any garden or on the patio. Fire brings the tower to life and the rest of the time it is a decorative object.

Material: Laser cut mild steel
Thickness - 3mm
Dimensions: - H1000mm x W250mm x D250mm
Weight: 18 KG

Supplied in 5 parts (4 sides, 1 grate) which slot together using a light hammer to tap them into position.

Price: £230 (ex works)

All parts are laser cut and finished in the UK
We can incorporate most designs into our fires; contact us with your requirements
Over time the tower will rust to a brown patina
Steel products can leave 'rust stains' on patios
In use, panels will slightly deform due to the heat

These fires must only be used outdoors
Never use in enclosed, or covered, areas
Never use in strong winds.
Never use petrol, alcohol or lighter fuel to ignite the wood; use firelighters

Vee - fire pit
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